Faculty Directors: Megan Latshaw & Hunter Gehlbach

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Our vision is to ensure that students across all divisions understand that the Earth crisis represents an urgent global health and humanitarian crisis. As one of the most respected universities in the world in global health, Johns Hopkins University (JHU) has an opportunity and responsibility to ensure that its students—medical, nursing, public health, undergraduates and others—are educated about Planetary Health to address current challenges and to create a thriving future for all life on Earth. Opportunities to expand Planetary Health education at JHU include: 

  1. Developing and enriching Planetary Health curriculum across divisions 
  1. Establishing a Planetary Health certificate program for graduate students across the University   
  1. Developing focus areas in Planetary Health for undergraduates and graduate students where appropriate
  2. Exploring opportunities for the development of short courses in the form of executive education as well as a more globally accessible Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). 

Education Activities: 

The Johns Hopkins Institute for Planetary Health will: 

  1. Develop an inventory of existing Planetary Health-related courses across JHU. 
  1. Develop a short and long-term set of priorities for educational activities across the university’s divisions. 
  1. Facilitate connections to the Planetary Health Alliance (PHA) education platform to access colleagues, curricula, and multimedia resources engaged in Planetary Health education globally in a variety of settings.  
  1. Establish a network of potential guest lecturers through PHA who can present in a variety of courses from engineering to health to arts and humanities. 

View existing Planetary Health education work on the Planetary Health Alliance website.

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