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To support several research hubs bringing faculty and trainees together across Johns Hopkins University (JHU) schools and disciplines to characterize and address central topics in Planetary Health. Examples of such topics include: 

1) environmental change, food systems and nutrition  

2) environmental change and infectious disease epidemiology  

3) energy decisions, land use, air quality, and health  

4) urbanization, the built environment, and human health  

5) environmental change, population displacement, strife, and humanitarian crises  

6) environmental change and mental health  

7) coastlines and human vulnerability in a changing climate 

Research hubs are guided by the interests and commitment of the faculty and the strategic direction of the university divisions; opportunities to build on current institutional strengths; and the need to address emerging topics of urgent concern.  

Over time, the Institute hopes to raise funds to support a postdoctoral fellowship program and seed grant program to support work within these hubs. 

The Johns Hopkins Institute for Planetary Health facilitates the work of research hubs by: 

  1. Convening researchers in workshops and symposia (internal and external to JHU) to identify priority research gaps and potential collaborations. 
  1. Providing access to dedicated development staff to help in identifying support from government agencies, foundations and philanthropic organizations to support research priorities. 
  1. Accessing the Planetary Health Alliance to connect research hubs to the global community addressing related questions or translating research findings into policy and practice. 

Monthly research updates are shared in the Planetary Health Alliance’s newsletter. Review and sign up!

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