Hunter Gehlbach

Hunter Gehlbach Faculty Co-Director, Education

A professor of Education, Hunter Gehlbach develops psychological principles for telling better stories about the planet’s health—especially the principles we might leverage to motivate others to prioritize sustainability. Only by building more effective narrative approaches to climate education and communication can we develop the relationships, will, and collective solutions that our children are depending on.

An educational psychologist by training and a social psychologist at heart, his other research interests include:

  • Improving social side of schooling: showing teachers and students how the narratives they tell themselves influence their perceptions of one another;
  • Spreading open science: making the process of science more transparent and accessible; and
  • Survey design: Improving questionnaires in social science. 

He is an American Psychological Association Fellow of Division 15, as well as a former high school teacher and coach. Gehlbach was on faculty at Harvard (2006-2015) and UCSB (2015-2019). Currently, he also directs the PhD program at the Johns Hopkins School of Education.